Fowl Humour at DissFest 2017

For the second year running I’m very happy to say I’ll be joining the team at UnitTwentyThree for their annual DissFest. Just like in 2016, I will be coming along to supply a smorgasbord of comedy offerings.

Pitched up in the lovely market town of Diss in Norfolk, DissFest is a community arts festival that’s been running for three years. Last year involved a weekend full of theatre, art, music and comedy. Fowl Humour brought comedy in the form on a stand-up night, physical comedy workshops and even a full hour performance of my clowning show, Hap (Less One).

Hap at DissFest 2016 with some unwilling custard drinkers

This year is much the same. On the Friday night I’ll have the pleasure of co-hosting the cabaret night in the center of Mere Park. This will also include a cheeky stand-up set from myself near the end of the night.

The Saturday is shaping up very nicely too. At midday I will be running a comedy performance workshop for young adults, teaching them the skills and theory behind comedy performance. I’ve run a few of these before and they are always very fun. It’ll involve some clowning techniques, characterisation, slapstick and other tools useful for young artists looking to develop their performance skills.
The Saturday evening doesn’t fail to bring the funny either. Fowl Humour will be running a comedy night featuring local comedians from the area and will be hosted by myself. The line-up is looking great already and I’ll confirm it as soon as I can. It’s been great to hear from some very talented comedians in an area of the UK I’m still quite new to. The comedy night will last two and a half hours and end with a headline act (TBC).

Whilst I’m not needed on the Sunday I’m going to stick around and explore the delights Diss and the fest have to offer and I encourage you to join us! Last year’s comedy night and workshops were so much fun, I really am looking forward to getting back and doing it again. In the meantime I have lots of planning to do!

DissFest will take place in Diss on Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd July. You can find more information about the festival and the great work UnitTwentyThree do for young artists on the DissFest website. 

Stay tuned for more comedy updates soon,


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