Fowl Humour at The Nottingham Comedy Festival 2017

For the forth year running, we’ll be promoting some brilliant shows at the Nottingham Comedy Festival and putting on one of our own too.

It’s always a pleasure to be part of our own, local festival and the last three years have have treated us very well. This year, we’re bringing a slightly smaller line-up than usual but with a definite focus on quality over quantity!

Our venue of choice for 2017 is the wonderful Understudy, downstairs at The Lord Roberts pub in Hockley, Nottingham. It’s underground studio space is a lovely setup for our four shows, creating a intimate feel for the audience and blank canvas for our performers to work in.


This year’s line-up of shows doesn’t disappoint either. With a mixture of new and returning acts, this year promises to be treat for any audience member clever enough to fork out a fist full of change to see our comedy wares.

So do we have on? Well, take a look:

Thursday 9th November


Dan Nicholas: Poster Boy Ft. DJ Ninja Bob
9 – 10 pm
Tickets £5

Daniel Nicholas, a regular charmer. He’s a bit weird, and has been described as endearingly creepy. Not quite cool enough to hang out with the Addams family, and looking like a Tim Burton extra reject, Daniel is starting to wonder if he’s too alienating as a person act. But that doesn’t mean he’s not marketable right? In this brand new show full of questionable audience interaction and games, through surround sound screaming, seducing a mic stand and a guest appearance from Europe’s leading Morrissey tribute act, Daniel investigates what a guy needs to do to be fully successful and marketable in the comedy industry. N.B suspect to change.

Friday 10th November

comedian ncf17 a4

Andy Fowler: ‘Comedian’
7.30 – 8.30 pm
Tickets £5

This isn’t a stand-up show. This is the night before the stand-up show and the comedian isn’t ready. This is the last rehearsal before the big gig he’s been planning for months and it’s painfully underwhelming. Come watch the comedian struggle to make his jokes work, remember his lines and convince family and himself his life is on the right track. It’s a failure, nothing is going to plan and it’s funny… For you anyway.
A one-hour melancholy comedy about the struggles of being taken seriously as a comedian by the award-winning company Fowl Humour. Written and performed by Nottingham comedian Andy Fowler.


Saturday 11th November


Improvisations with Nicholas Holt
7 – 8 pm
Pay what you want or £5 advance

Improvisations from dance artist Lewys Holt and comedian/writer Daniel Nicholas. Together and apart, they’ll be writing, choreographing and performing simultaneously on stage. Sometimes funny. Sometimes not. Who knows what will happen? They don’t.



Kamikaze Club: Too Soon?
9 – 10 pm
Tickets £3

The Kamikaze Club present their first full-length show to the masses. The not-so-dynamic duo of Michael Bell & Thom Hodkinson are bringing their special brand of daft humour, fun & games for the festival debut of their new show “Too Soon?”


Told you it was a good line-up!
You can buy tickets for all the Comedy Festival shows on the official festival website. Get in early while they are there, with a small venue we’re not expecting lots of space!

Hope to see you there!


A3 Fowl humour acts poster.jpg

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