Past Projects


Andy’s been creating, directing and performing theatre and comedy productions for several years. He has been lucky enough to work with comedians, sketch groups, and theatre companies. His work has taken him to the Edinburgh Fringe a number of times, as well as studios and theatres across the Midlands and East Yorkshire.

More recently and Andy has produced his own solo comedy shows.

On this page you can view his previous shows.

Previous projects:

Precisely, Pinter

An evening of short plays, written by Harold Pinter.
Produced by Fowl Humour
Directed by Nick Newman
Featuring local actors from Nottingham.

The New World Order
Performed by Richard Garton & Kristy Guest

Performed by Andy Fowler & Kristy Guest

Victoria Station
Performed by Andy Fowler & Matthew Hunt

First Performed: August 28th 2015, Lord Roberts, Nottingham


Meet Dave, a man who takes telling people the truth far more liberally than most. In a state of utter loss of where he is going in life, Dave takes the audience through his opinions on himself, the people he works with and his admiration for his nephew. In one hilarious and touching story, Dave takes us though a night out which left him drunk beyond belief as he walks the streets armed only with a few cans of beer, a litre of Smirnoff, a bottle of wine, 2 McMuffins and a packet of Hula Hoops.

Written by D.C. Moore & produced by Fowl Humour. Performed by Matthew Hunt & directed by Andy Fowler

First Performed: May 27th 2015, Lee Rosys, Nottingham (as part of FONT Festival, Nottingham)

Andy Hughes & Andy Fowler: Sexy & Happy – NCF 2014

A one hour stand-up show by Andy Fowler and Andy Hughes.
Performed as part of the Nottingham Comedy Festival 2014 at The Golden Fleece, Nottingham.

All content written and performed by Andy Fowler & Andy Hughes.

Jam Jar’d

Three-man sketch group made of John Andrews, Andy Fowler & Mark Harvey. Jam Jar’d performed several shows including a run at the Edinburgh Fringe and support Miles Jupp in London’s Leicester Square.


Putting Two and Two Together

A comedy play about three individuals who seek companionship by exploiting online dating sites. The play explores the human need for the company of others. originally written by Andy Fowler as part of a script writing course, this one-act piece uses elements of farce to tell the humourous story of three individuals who struggle to find compatibility by ticking boxes online.

Written and directed by Andy Fowler
First performed in the Anthony Minghella Studio, Hull, 2011

Victims of Romance

Premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009 as part of Z Theatre Company. Andy’s first play is a melancholic comedy about a series of individuals who attempt and fail in their search for love. This story tells the story of several different relationships, all at different stages and the characters who make them unique.
excerpts of this play have later been developed and performed as solo monologues in various festivals and scratch nights.

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