Well, this is underwhelming.

Yeah, yeah, YEAH. I know, STOP IT!

Look, it’s not been an easy one has it? Believe it or not, I’ve had some things to deal with in 2020 that don’t constantly revolve around you. So, if you have come here looking for some kind of artistic revelation, tough. HOWEVER… I am working on something. Something new, it is exciting. With the ol’ events industry up and in the shitter, I’m kind of thinking I best get a wiggle on down to the internet or something more stable than just being a physical human sack of perishable flesh. Get me some of that reach and data and the like. So yeah, got you some content coming. Hold tight.

If by any chance you are a creative professional with some influence (and you arn’t already astounded at my sheer existence) have a look around this newly done-up website and look at all my old work. You can find a list of new achievements and projects below:

Things I have achieved in 2020:

  • Started a new experimental comedy night
  • Cancelled an experimental comedy night due to a pandemic
  • Learned how to make sourdough
  • Wrote some stuff
  • Animal Crossing x 20
  • Ate 24 Toberlones
  • Googled everything about Chiffchaffs
  • Became a father to a Yucca house plant.

Things I am working on:

  • A series of monologues to be filmed
  • Accompanying podcast series
  • A new 1 hour solo show
  • Resuming the experimental comedy nights
  • My diet.

That’ll do for now. Look after yourselves and I’ll update with more news soon.

In a bit,

P.S – Did you know the average Chiffchaff weighs like 8.3 grams? Nuts.

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