Honest, By D.C. Moore

Comedy Theatre Monolgue

Directed by Andy Fowler
Performed by Matthew Hunt

The challenge I set myself after reading D.C.Moore’s script was to create a piece that not only takes the audience on Dave’s hilarious, drunk fueled journey of selfdiscovery, but also allows them to explore the very sensitive balance between the humour and tragedy of the characters position. It was this idea that I enjoyed playing with the most during the rehearsal process.

The position we find Dave in, is by no means a good one. His thoughts on himself, others around him and the society he lives in are pretty dark. The lightness comes from how he deals with the situations he finds himself in, his brutal and somewhat shocking honesty and the relatability the audience can make from his predicament as he desperately tries to explain himself. Focusing on this light and dark in the plays tone, along with picking apart Moore’s brilliantly written text has been a joy. It has allowed for myself and Matthew to really experiment on how we inject comedy and then take it away to hopefully keep the audience engaged in Dave’s story and make him feel human. That’s where this balance between comedy and tragedy, light and dark is important. We want you to laugh, to be engaged and entertained, but we also need you to feel for him and I hope that comes across. It’s also worth noting that the script was originally written for a journey across London. All references and locations have been adapted for you lovely Nottingham folk, as suggested by D.C. Moore. 

Performed as part of Nottingham’s Font Fest 2015

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