I’m Nottingham based Comedian and Theatre-maker, Andy Fowler. This website is my website. It has lots of words and sentences on it about how good I am and why I should be paid lots of money. Have a look around, see how good I am and then pay me lots of money.

Thanks in advance,

Nottingham based Comedian and Theatre-maker (see above)


Andy has been performing, studying and promoting live comedy for several years. Performing from his teens, he found his passion for comedy when he realised he could master the art of being foolish whilst being paid for it. Of course, he was wrong. There is obviously very little money in it!
Regardless, Andy went on to study theatre with a focus on comedy performance. Making his Edinburgh Fringe debut in 2009 with his first written and directed play, receiving great reviews. Andy has since returned to the Fringe three more times with his own work and as part of some exciting companies.
In 2010 Andy, along with good friends John Andrews & Mark Harvey, formed the comedy sketch group Jam Jar’d. The three of them went off to perform many different evolutions of their one-hour sketch show. After a succesful two-week run at the Edinburgh Fringe and many sold out nights, the boys found their strengths in character comedy sketches. Jam Jar’d went on to support Miles Jupp at the Cafe de Paris in London’s Leicester Square.
Moving back to Nottingham in 2012, Andy set up his company Fowl Humour with the intent to explore comedy in performance. Fowl Humour hosted regular stand-up nights in venues across Nottingham, winning the Midlands Comedy Award for Best Open Show in 2015. Andy is an experienced stand-up and promoter, having performed in nights across the midlands.
Fowl Humour later went on to produce Andy’s theatre projects. Many of which can be seen on this site.

Currently, Andy is performing stand-up and producing his own solo theatre productions. More about his shows can be found on his theatre page.

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